Sanathana Divya Karunya Vidyapeetham, Thamarassery (since 2004) is the theological formation centre of the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (MCBS). Divya Karunya Vidyapeetham (DKV), the theology faculty, is affiliated to the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome and provides various degree courses and certificate courses in both spirituality and theology.
At present Sanathana DKV offers Bachelors Degree Courses in Theology. Faculties for Masters Degree Courses and Doctoral Research will begin shortly. Though the primary purpose of this theologate is the theological education and formation of the MCBS Seminarians, Sanathana DKV welcomes candidates from various dioceses and other religious congregations.
It welcomes also lay people who want to do theological researches and studies specially based on Eucharistic Centered Spirituality.
Anchoring on the Most Holy Eucharist, the source of eternal life and wisdom, DKV imparts a system of theological formation suited to the twenty first century and aims at enlightening the candidates to form the people of the Eucharistic Millennium. A profound theological, especially Eucharistic didactics together with an organic interface among various courses and exposures will naturally lead the candidates to the concurrent pastoral, social and missiological realities, and challenges. To bring about such an organic inter relatedness  theological subjects deliberated under various titles have been configured in overarching themes such as :

Introducing Major Theological Themes in the Asian context and culture.

Focusing on Jesus Christ and His Church
Mission, Ministry and Meetings with Cultures, Religions and the Poor

Becoming a True Disciple of Christ and Dedicating Oneself to God and His Kingdom.
The introductory courses in the first year emphasis the theological contextualization  The second year focuses on the epicenter of theology, that is, Jesus Christ and His Church. The third year highlights the theological concretisation, the praxis of theology through mission, ministry and meetings with cultures, religions and the poor. In the fourth year emphasis is given for personalisation of theology by which the candidate consecrates himself/herself to Christ and dedicates himself/herself for the establishment of the Kingdom of God.